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Interior Design and how we live has been a focal point since the beginning of man kind. Stemming from a place of functionality and shelter to the creation of a space that provides either warmth and intimacy or light and high energy. Whatever your style, be it Art Deco, Mid Century Modern or Contemporary, all styles are influenced by the history of Architecture and Design.

Cassie McCulloch creates beautiful, high quality interiors that excite the senses and provide everlasting impressions. Strongly influenced by historical design periods, texture and colour, Cassie's designs are bold, edgy and timeless. 


Having completed advanced formal qualifications in Interior Design with the Interior Design Institute, Cassie's work extends across both residential and commercial projects creating inspirational interior design concepts, precise project management and breathtaking property styling across Australia.  

Competent across all areas of Interior Design, Cassie can work with you on designing your new kitchen or bathroom, lighting specification and design plans, drafting floor plans, colour consulting, finishes + fixtures, interior styling either for you for sale, full scale renovations and commercial fit outs. 

If you're ready to take your project and turn it into a space that embodies atmosphere, balance and harmony, get in touch with Cassie here.

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